How to Choose Low-cost Airlines for Flights from Europe to India

Mountains, jungles, deserts, and beaches, India has it all. India’s rich and multi-layered cultures are dominated by religious and spiritual themes. There are three national holidays: Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti, which occur on the same day every year. In addition, there are four major nationwide festivals with shifting dates to be aware of: Holi (festival of colors), a holy day of Dasara, Diwali (festival of lights), etc. Interested? Then check the best ways to get to India via low-cost airlines from Europe.

There are a couple of low-cost companies, which you could check if you are planning your trip to India. For example, you are traveling from Budapest to Delhi through Dubai. Check Hungarian low-cost company Wizzair for a flight to Dubai. The average price would be 146 USD. Then you have several proposals from Arabian and Asian low-cost companies to Delhi:

  1.      Fly Dubai is irreplaceable if you fly to India through the Middle East. Prices for a flight from Dubai to Delhi start from 115 USD.
  2.      Air Arabia is a low-cost airline of the Middle East with a headquarter in UAE. If you book a round-trip flight from Air Arabia, then there is a substantial discount (sometimes tickets are cheaper up to 50%). To get from Shardza (UAE) to Delhi costs 126 USD while to Mumbai – 115 USD.
  3.      Air Astana, the national airlines of Kazakhstan, sometimes is pleasant with low prices for flights to Delhi. Of course, the flight will be with a transfer in Astana, but the connections are short for the duration.
  4.   Air India Express – is a state-owned airline. Air India Express is engaged in both international and domestic flights. Flight from Delhi to Dubai would cost you 133 USD.

Most of the domestic airlines in India are low-cost airlines. This means that the prices of airline tickets are comparable to the prices of train tickets of 1st-class. For 50-100 USD you can fly sometimes more than 1000 kilometers.

As you see, there are several proposals for your trip from Europe to Delhi via low-cost companies. Sometimes, there are some beneficial proposals available from state-owned airlines. For example, Ukraine International Airlines distribute cheap flights from London to New Delhi. It would cost you 250 USD with a stop at Kyiv International Airport (Boryspil). There are also proposals of cheap flights from London to New Delhi from Turkish Airlines. The ticket`s price starts at 255 USD.

All independent travelers who master the Asian destinations should pay special attention to the companies, which have good reputation and services. If you decided your trip beforehand, you could book tickets for a long period before the departure date, at least several months and have a discount. Sometimes there are ticket`s sales which could help you to save some money.  After all, the most important thing is to bring home good impressions.

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